Stay at Home
Art Challenge

With people required to stay-at-home around the world, we hoped to bring each other together—at least in spirit—by doing some figure art.

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The Challenge
We are giving away two Poses and then asking people to create some art that shows what they are thinking, feeling, or experiencing during this pandemic. Then share that art here or on your favorite social media with the hashtag #StayAtHomeChallenge.

Free Poses

Tap the photos below
to view the full poses online. Or download the Poses by clicking on the download links below each thumbnail image.

The female Pose (Ana) was chosen because it has been censored--if you want to do the art with your kids. The male Pose (Ben) was chosen because it received the most votes.

More Free Poses

Create a Login at to get 2 more figure drawing Poses added to your Library.

Choose Your View
Each Pose has more than 24 views as the model is rotated in a complete circle and they are both high resolution. Choose the view you like best and either work from the complete figure or zoom in to whatever detail and framing you find interesting.

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